Long Beach

Dan Greenawalt Needs More Sleep; Announces New Free Track

10th April, 2014 DLC FM5 Video 0

Long Beach makes an appearance in Forza 5.


Audi joins Project CARS

26th March, 2014 News Project Cars 0

Project CARS keeps growing as Audi is announced to be the latest manufacturer to join the ever-growing list!


The Crew: A Sense of Scale

26th March, 2014 Screens The Crew 2

We’ve all heard how big the open world in The Crew is. How big is it? Pretty big. But how big is that?


KartSim Early Access Available… Soon

23rd March, 2014 News Preview Video 0

KartSim is back on track for a 2014 release on PC.


Project CARS: ‘From the Sky’ Community Trailer Released

12th March, 2014 Project Cars Trailer 0

WMD member hybrid.art releases a new community trailer for Project CARS.


SimRaceWay Announces New Vehicle Pricing Scheme

8th March, 2014 Games News 0

SimRaceWay permanently discounts the price of their most expensive DLC vehicles.

Bentley Speed 8

Bentley becomes the latest to join Project CARS

7th March, 2014 News Project Cars 1

Project CARS proudly announces that they have licensed Bentley, one of the oldest and most prestigious marques in motorsport history!

Koenigsegg One:1 FREE to NFS Rivals

Koenigsegg One:1 comes to NFS Rivals for FREE!

7th March, 2014 News NFS Rivals 1

It may have only just been revealed at the Geneva Motor Show but the Koenigsegg One:1 is available for NFS Rivals and for FREE too!

Assetto Corsa on a Weekend Deal at 33% Off!

7th March, 2014 Assetto Corsa Deal 0

The exceptional Assetto Corsa is on a Weekend Deal on Steam with 33% off the usual price so now is your chance to pick it up if you haven’t already!

PSA: Online Racing and You – Learn to Race

5th March, 2014 iRacing POV 1

Racing games can be a cruel and unpredictable mistress especially online, but knowing how to drive and be aware can help with getting in under control.