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What the duck?!

Woah! What do we have here. Is it an actual website? Why yes it is and fret not my intrigued visitor for it is real and not only that but it is a real part of what makes turboduck what it is compared to the previous TDUC. Why do I say this? Well you see it’s because turboduck is for the fun of driving and racing games. We will still of course deliver the typical TDUCk flair and insanity but also incorporate many more titles and genres than what we used to previously. We started off strong before and we aim to continue that on with this new and improved pond habitat and we really hope that you will stay with us if you were before or join us if you’re not, for it should be fun of that we can GUARANTEE!!

Diablo is a total muppet, a bit insane and an absolutely awful writer as you have no doubt come to find. However he is passionate in what he does, likes to have a laugh and is always willing to learn new things… which he will then end up doing wrong. A real genius he most definitely is not!

  • Bezrider

    Nice work Diablo,Site look cool

  • Waftsheasel


  • Camel

    A comment!

    • Waftsheasel

      Oh my!

  • Ryzza5

    We have two parallel threads for this or do you just want extra praise?


  • Ryzza5

    Also dangerous how there’s no moderation tools here :p

    • Diablo

      I just have to set up the Staff to have the proper account privs in WordPress also then you guys can also mod this place as well as the forum. 🙂

  • Dashie

    ^ I’m free to do whatever I please then.