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Forza Horizon
jaguar xkrs

This side is my best side.

There are many games that allow you to take a pic of your in-game vehicle and even allow you to utilise some real-life photography means and elements such as aperture, shutter speed and point of focus. Yes, there are many games that have this, but not that many that give you the perfect open-road backdrop like Forza Horizon gives you. This is made even more evident by the virtual automotive goodness that is being shown in the forum by our members. Of course it’s early days for many people so the rare exotics and such are still to be found as well as the money to purchase them, but even at this early stage it’s clear to see that no matter what you have, a gorgeous pic is only a few minutes of settings tweaking away.

Here is a small selection from our members.

jaguar xkrs
Jaaag XKR-S by _Pr0ph3cy -_
[click to see more]

scion fr-s
Scion FR-S by Waftsheasel [click to see more]

Impreza by Clarence
[click to see more]

Obviously over the next coming days and so on there will be even more of these awesome images to view and more than likely you will be taking some yourself. So if you want to see more like this check out the Forza Horizon forum, or perhaps you even want to share your own. If so Register and join in the fun!!

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  • Ryzza5

    I’d add one if I knew how on earth to get them off my console =)

  • Milli

    Hahaha, this main page is really a cool feature. I wonder if they (the photographers) have seen this already. 🙂

  • Clarence

    This is bloody brilliant.

  • Waftsheasel

    Well, 2/3 have. :cheeese:

    • Milli

      Yes, Matthew have yet to see it.

  • TimBud

    Woo how cool is this page!
    Can the Forza PoTW winners be posted here?

  • _Pr0ph3cy_

    Thanks SO MUCH for featuring my photo as the main one, I am very proud 🙂