No Full Race Replays, Photomode or Showroom Mode Planned for Console Version of Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa

Say It Isn’t So Stefano!

The console version of Assetto Corsa is a fantastic simulation racer and really takes the fight to the main stays of Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport on PS4 and Xbox One, but there are things lacking within it that you just wouldn’t expect to be in this day and age.

And despite some of this such as the lack of Private Lobbies and being unable to use DLC online being addressed by the team at Kunos Simulazioni, a recent reply by founder and Lead Programmer Stefano Casillo to a member called ‘Donnced’ on the official AC forums seems to indicate that the consoles will not get full race replays, a photomode (!) or the Showroom mode that is on the PC.


The response shown above doesn’t completely rule them out, however it is easy to ascertain that if they were to come, it would certainly be some way off from now.

From a look around it looks like replays are done in a manner not of the norm that titles usually go for, whereby a number of games will record the actions in the race and then replay them through the game engine to recreate the session recorded. AC though, with its large filesizes must use another method.

Not having a photomode is enough to make us cry, as we adore this feature and really enjoy it when our members post in our dedicated Gaming Media forum or share their stuff in the Gallery. You see, ever since taking those first shots in GT4 many years ago, it was exciting to think how the future would allow us as players to use and showcase our media, and sure the new consoles have a function to take a screenshot built into them but, being able to jump out and set up your shot just right makes a dedicated option for it, that much better.


Showroom is akin to Forzavista or Photo Travel in the Gran Turismo series – allowing players to check out the vehicles in more detail and see how much attention to detail has been paid to the recreation of the models.

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