Assetto Corsa Porsche Pack Volume 1 for Xbox One Has Been Resubmitted to Microsoft

Assetto Corsa

Porsche Pack 1 Resubmitted

Players of Assetto Corsa on Xbox One should shortly be able to join in on the Porsche fun that their PC and PS4 counterparts are currently enjoying, with the news that Kunos Simulazioni have resubmitted the content to Microsoft.

Intended for release on both PS4 and Xbox One earlier this week, it was unfortunate that some gremlins seemed to hit the Xbox One, resulting in a small delay for those on the platform.

True to their word though, the devs at Kunos have worked on fixing what needed done and got it back into the hands at Microsoft where hopefully this time no problems will occur.

>Today, we’re pleased to announce that v 1.09 has gone into submission and providing all goes well, we’ll be releasing next week.

So Xbox One fans will have a slightly longer wait for their fill of Porsche, but after waiting this long after the original PC release, what’s an extra week or so anyway?!

[via Assetto Corsa forum]

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