British Pack, Free Scotland Track And Lots More For Assetto Corsa in 2017!

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Assetto Corsa 2017 Look Ahead

Tasked with writing an end of year post for the official website, our favourite teaser-geezer Marco Massarutto, has revealed a nice amount of features and content that will be landing on Assetto Corsa in 2017.

Within it we discover that more free bonus cars and tracks are heading to the game alongside confirmation that the recently released Customisable Championships mode, which came to the PC version last month, will also be coming to the consoles. There was also acknowledgement that work is still being carried on delivering Private Lobbies to the consoles.

Not one to keep too many secrets hidden away, Massarutto announces that there will be a brand new created from scratch fictional track based in Scotland! Yeah my home country people!! Can’t argue with their choice, we do have some epic roads (and scenery) here.

Arriving free as bonus content in the early part of 2017, this new circuit has been created in partnership with Nvidia and Sparco because apparently the “ideal” circuit doesn’t exist in the real world *ahem Nordschleife*, and will consist of 4 different configurations, incorporating city track, drift layout and endurance course racing.

This track will allow you to enjoy each car included in Assetto Corsa, from the very little and quiet Abarth 595 to the racing cars designed for endurance racing, to the GT cars you are enjoying so much. We’ll unveil more details very soon, our aim is to release it within the Q1 2017.

Whether these are all set in one place or spread throughout (!), we will need to wait and see.

The Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway is unfortunately going to be a bit later coming to the game than Kunos originally wanted, but it will drop in the first half of 2017.

As for the cars, well they get even better! Free bonus content alone will itself provide players with the Mazda 787B, Maserati Quattroporte, Miata NA and the new Audi TT.

Whereas premium content will begin with the “British Pack”. Comprising of those that make up the latest line-up from McLaren, Lotus and maybe some others, as is hinted at.

Kunos, as an Italian developer, unsurprisingly have a real devotion to Ferrari. And as was clear from the several that came with the vanilla game, in DLC and the Scuderia F1 editions included inside the incredible ‘Red Pack’, this is excellent for players. And with Ferrari celebrating their 70th Anniversary in 2017, AC is set to get a dedicated pack containing 7 of the prestigious marque’s models with the AC community getting a chance to get involved in the choice with a poll.

Continuing to grow, the future is looking good for Kunos and AC. Putting the final touches together in the opening of a new studio that has come about as their current base of operations at the Vallelunga circuit undergoes maintenance. These new digs will be better for them as it will have dedicated areas for VR, testing, multiplayer and R&D.

There may also be the opportunity for inviting fans and supporters, where they might be shown top secret ‘NOT FOR MASSARUTTO’S EYES AS HE WILL SHOW IT’ type work in progress. :p

Lastly, for all of you AC players who feel you are not showing enough support to the game through the buying of everything they release, you will be ecstatic to hear that as a result of their partnership with SPARCO, there will be some official Assetto Corsa merchandise available for you spend your money on. So now you can deck yourself out as an AC obsessed fanatic… or just buy an item or two, whatever takes your fancy.

Assetto Corsa is available for PC on Steam and PS4 and Xbox One to on their respective marketplaces, as well as any many good retailers.

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