Assetto Corsa Ferrari 70th Anniversary Pack Out Now For PC

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa Ferrari 70th Anniversary Pack Out Now!

The Assetto Corsa Ferrari 70th Anniversary Pack is now available to purchase on PC (Steam).

In an amazing collaborative effort with the infamous Italian auto manufacturer, developers Kunos Simulazioni have gone and put together a pack that includes some of the most iconic models to have ever had a Ferrari badge on them.

And with the title already having a rather nice selection of Ferraris in its roster by default, as well as those delivered inside the optional Red Pack, the scope covered in this new car pack is quite impressive, as classic and modern varieties of both road and racing cars make up its list.

You would think having 70 years of production and racing heritage to choose from would be difficult, and it should be. But when people think of Ferrari, there are a number of cars that will always rank high, and so it is of little wonder that we see some of them here.

Even then, Kunos only had to choose six as they left the final slot open for the winner of a poll that was voted for by their community, where with over 30,000 votes cast it was the current Formula 1 car taking the win with over 15% of the vote.

Assetto Corsa – Ferrari 70th Anniversary Pack

  • 1962 250 GTO
  • 1967 330 P4
  • 1967 312/67
  • 1984 288 GTO
  • 2004 F2004
  • 2017 812 Superfast
  • SF70H

Depending on the type of player, this pack may be good for having more road cars to hot lap with, the ability to re/create racing series’, or even if they are a true Ferrari fan, they might want nothing more than to set up a one make race where the field is filled with only the legends that sport a Prancing Horse.

Therefore if you like what you see, have a fondness for an Italian red beauty, or just want more cars in your copy of AC, then this pack will do you well.

As for those looking on enviously from console: unfortunately at this time there is little known in regards to a PS4 or Xbox One release timeframe for the Ferrari 70 Pack apart from a mention about it being “available in Fall [Autumn] 2017”. That means at some point before the end of November. Honestly though, I would say as long as it drops before the end of the year that would be good – any earlier is a bonus

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