Santa Drops The Reindeer for a V12-Powered Prancing Horse


Santa Claus is Driving Through Town

As loads of kids all across the world get super hyper because Santa will be stopping by their homes in less than a week, it is good to see Santa himself trying out new ways of delivering those presents.

In the footage captured by TheSUPERCARDRIVER while Santa was on a stop off in the UK, we see the jolly old fellow pulling a fast one by taking some presents out in a bright as Rudolph’s nose red Ferrari Enzo. The V12 engine cover making light work of carrying a bunch of wrapped up gifts that will be making their way under some Christmas trees this December 25th.

Tootling about town and hitting the open roads, he opens up the Enzo’s taps a bit and it’s clear to see from the expression that he is thoroughly enjoying himself while doing so. And who could blame him, he is behind the wheel of one of the ultimate Ferraris after all!

It’s unlikely though that even with a 217 mph top speed, that the Enzo will replace those wonderful and magic reindeer and sleigh from being the vehicle of choice for carrying out the big Christmas delivery, but with the amount of work Mr Claus will be putting in this weekend, we can easily allow him a bit of showboating and grandeur before he sets out for the main event.

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