Assetto Corsa’s Fictional Scottish Track Receives More In-game Teaser Images

Assetto Corsa

How’s it gawn?!

As the famous sign when you enter the country says, ‘SCOTLAND welcomes you’. And that is exactly what these latest images from main Assetto Corsa teaser-geezer Marco Massarutto are saying too.

Revealed to us in the end of year blog, this new fictional track that is now undoubtedly confirmed to be based in Scotland, shows off traces of everything that my home country is known for: beautiful scenery, tight winding roads, grass, old architecture and wait… is that rain?

Perhaps not, maybe just a bit of optical trickery going on in that image as look how clear the right side window is. It would however be natural for a Scottish location to have to put up with the occasional ‘it’s pishing it down’ wet spell mind you, but maybe that will need to wait for a sequel.

Happily, this new track, available in 4 different configurations will be given away as free bonus content at some point within the first bite of this year and is set to delight circuit, drift and endurance fans.

As of yet the track is unnamed but it shouldn’t be too long before more details start to drip out in reference to it.

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