Assetto Corsa: A Preview Of What’s To Come

Assetto Corsa

More DLC For Assetto Corsa In 2017

At the end of last year Marco Massarutto shared a preview of what was outlined for Assetto Corsa in 2017 in an official blog post. A few of those items have already been unveiled and should be arriving sometime soon.

With the release date approaching, Massarutto has been teasing even more content on his personal Facebook account, this time revealing an assortment of vehicle renders.

There is no real common theme with what he is showing us but it gives us an idea of the sort of content they could potentially be packaged with.

First up is a Lotus 3-Eleven that will most likely be a part of the already confirmed ‘British Car Pack’. Following this is a variety ranging from classic Le Mans racers to fairly modern vehicles. The delayed 911 RSR 2017 makes another appearance along with the already seen Audi Quattro S1 Group B, which gets some rallying company in the form of the Toyota Celica GT-FOUR. (what about a loose surface rally track for them to play on?)

Le Mans racers, old and new, are represented by the more contemporary Toyota TS040 LMP1 and the Audi R18E-Tron Quattro whereas the crazy ass past is gloriously personified by the legend that is the Mazda 787B. If Kunos can accurately recreate the sound of that beast, it will be a selling point for the game right there!

A fair bit of Audi racing metal is shown, leading to the possibility that there could be a dedicated content pack for the marque. This is just me assuming so, and as I have been told many times: you should never assume and so I won’t…..

Making up the end of this picture grid is a favourite of both hairdressers and any one else who enjoys a proper driving experience. Oh yes, the classic Mazda Miata will be approaching Assetto Corsa (at a moderate speed) on all available platforms at some point this year.

A few hours later, Massarutto must have felt he hadn’t shown us enough, and so he kindly dropped a render of a red bonnet/hood. And not just any bonnet, as the bulge, plastic coverings and pins hint to the infamous Ferrari 250 GTO. This fits in nicely with the planned car pack that will celebrate Ferrari’s 70th anniversary, in which 7 of the most iconic models to ever feature the Prancing Horse will be included.

Judging by how quickly AC has released content soon after it was unveiled it in the past, chances are the wait for these won’t actually be that long.

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