The Crew: Major Updates To End But “The Story Has Just Begun” – The Crew 2?

The Crew

The Crew 2?

A post went up on the official blog of The Crew last month announcing that major updates for the game were coming to an end. The additional police vehicles are still on their way but after that it’s going to be pretty quiet until they have “details to share”.

Generally this means work is stopping on the current and they are getting ready to reveal the next one. And from the sentence below found in the post itself, it begs to reason that this is likely what’s happening:

“Today we want to inform you that we won’t be releasing any major updates in the coming months, but rest assured that The Crew has only just begun”
– The Crew blog

The need to be a bit coy and try not to say too much but leaving enough hint in there to raise an eyebrow is personally what I take from that.

So let’s say that The Crew 2 is what’s going on here, and that we will see it being revealed like its predecessor at E3. The big question that comes to my mind is where will the new one be set? Could it use the USA again or will they go for somewhere else? Perhaps their native homeland of France would be a good pick.

And with the problems plenty of players expressed about the first one, will they take this on board and look to titles such as Forza Horizon 3 for inspiration and ideas? All I can say is, I hope so.

As even though it was a new IP from a brand new studio, Ivory Tower’s The Crew was hugely ambitious, and despite the lukewarm start it did keep on improving, receiving two chunky expansions and several patches and features, including a photo mode.

There is a good chance this has nothing at all to do with a new The Crew, but I really hope it is. As I want to see what this team can do and how they can put into practice the lessons they have learned from watching players and paying attention to their feedback.

If it’s about a third expansion then that would be a real surprise, then again you can never really predict what this studio is doing as let’s face it, not many saw the graphical overhaul and weather update coming, no matter how many people actually wanted it.

[via The Crew blog]

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