The Crew 2 Official Reveal And Gameplay Trailers (Out: Early 2018)

The Crew 2

The Crew 2 – E3 Reveal & Gameplay

Umm, we knew this was coming. They let us know beforehand and gave us some cryptic sentences about how it was going to go ‘Beyond the Road’ and that the ‘journey has just begun’, but no one expected The Crew 2 to be this.

This development team is ambitious, we know that is for sure, but holy cheese and crackers they have gone insane, and are quite literally looking to turn your typical racing game on its head.

For starters the game is still about racing, but not only on the road or the grassy, gravel or snowy terrain. No, now players will be able to race on the water and in the air. You heard me. There are boats and planes, and as is becoming an all too familiar scenario, Porsche is in too.

It’s a big step up in many ways from the first game’s initial outing and what is being seen already is looking incredibly promising. Due out in “Early 2018”, it is good to know that there is still a fair amount of time for the team to work on the game and get it looking superb.

The large map of the USA remains for the next game but it has seen some serious work done to it. New water and air based functionality has required some technological wizardry to keep the seamless nature of the game, and this can be seen in great effect through the instant switching between the different racing types.

Perhaps what will cause a divide between people more than anything is the Inception like movement of the world around the player as new sequences take place. Watching the world literally raise and lower around you is bound to raise some eyebrows.

Opinions have been all over the place in response to the announcement trailer, and so it was great to see this additional gameplay trailer being posted as it showcases the new direction this is heading in a way that couldn’t be shown, and has very much turned opinions more towards those of a positive.

The Crew 2 – Images

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