Gran Turismo Sport Release Date Revealed In E3 ‘Theme Music’ Trailer


Gran Turismo Sport Release Date’ish

Those waiting to hear about the actual release date for Gran Turismo Sport were given a little hope during the pre-show of PlayStation’s E3 briefing, as a new video dubbed the ‘Theme Music’ trailer was shown.

As it started to roll, the text ‘COMING FALL 2017’ appeared, giving the first clear indication of an intended new release window being set for this year after all, and confirming that the game should be seeing a release sometime between September and November. (could we see both FM7 and GT Sport releasing in October?)

Let’s talk about this latest trailer though.

Playing out in a manner that represents that of a global preparation for a race with the safety car taking a run in the early morning around the courses, the team trucks arriving and offloading cars, and spectators arriving trackside. We are treated to the build up before the actual race event and it is all shown in the impeccable fashion that has come to be expected from, and consistently delivered, by Polyphony Digital.

As the soundtrack starts to become more alive, it is now time to watch races take place across the numerous motorsports and locations that exist in the game. With the races coming to a grand finish, the end part is taken up by the winning driver and their celebrations.

Even though this confirmation is loose, it’s the best we have at this time, and with a GT game, anything is better than nothing.

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