The Crew 2 Beta Sign Up Is Live. Unlock Vehicles Through ‘The Crew Rewards Program’

The Crew 2

The Crew 2 Beta / Rewards Program

Registrations are now open for the newly-announced The Crew 2. No information about when this will take place is known but with the game not set to release until early next year it’s likely to be at least a month or few away.

Getting in early shouldn’t hurt though, so jump on over to the sign-up page and get your order in!

To help players deal with the waiting, Ubisoft have launched ‘The Crew Rewards Program’, where through the completion of challenges and objectives in The Crew players can unlock up to 18 cars for the new one.

Beginning with the Ferrari 458 Speciale being the easiest to achieve, as it only needs players to have launched the full game (trial doesn’t count) at least once before the release date to have it waiting for them in their garage.

With 18 vehicles up for grabs and a good amount of time before the game itself releases, the journey through the program won’t be something that can be completed immediately.

Two awards per month will be unveiled until the end of the year. Each needing the player to perform a specific action in the The Crew where they will then be rewarded with the associated vehicle in the next game. And with varying difficulty levels these actions do not sound as if they will always be super easy and will sometimes require some effort on the player’s part. Players can find out what is being asked of them right now as the first three awards are already underway!

A total of fifteen awards are able to be obtained and those who accomplish five, ten or all fifteen of them will receive exclusive bonus vehicles that are exclusive to The Crew 2. More about those will be forthcoming in the future.

Progress can be monitored from directly in game or, on a dedicated page that is updated twice monthly. There is also an FAQ that is assigned to a support page for those who may still have questions about this or wish to be more fully informed.

[via The Crew]

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