No Toyota Production Cars In Need for Speed Payback

NFS Payback

No Toyota For NFS Payback

Toyota is not going to be in Need for Speed Payback!

In a trend that started with the confirmation that the maker’s production cars would not be in Forza Motorsport 7, we now know, thanks to a Ghost Games representative on reddit, that it will be the same for Payback too.

We know the subject of Toyota is on a lot of minds over the last few weeks. As many of you here suspect, there will be no Toyota cars in Need for Speed Payback. While we’re as disappointed as you are, we do hope that we’ll once again see Toyota back in Need for Speed in the future.

The Supra and AE86 have always been firm favourites among fans of the series (partial to the MR2 MK II myself) when they have featured, and so to lose them will be a big blow to many players, especially younger ones who have effectively grown up seeing and using these cars all over, perhaps even leading to aspirations of owning one for themselves in future.

Worryingly there isn’t much said as to why and so thoughts turn to if they are exclusively licensed to another title? Namely, Gran Turismo Sport. Having already snatched Pikes Peak away for itself is it at all possible for Toyota to have cosied up to the Japanese developer? I bloody well hope not!

And so, a long-standing JDM icon stays away from another race game series, and if it is simply that the manufacturer doesn’t want to be in games any longer then we are unfortunately going to be hearing more of this happening in the future.

Main image: Khyzyl Saleem (Ghost Games Concept Artist)

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