Another 10 Gran Turismo Sport DLC Cars Arrive With Next Week’s Update


More GT Sport DLC Cars In January

A second lot of DLC cars are dropping into Gran Turismo Sport next week, according to a tweet from series supremo Kazunori Yamauchi.

Sticking to their plan to add “approximately 50 cars” before March 2018, this second release carries on the immense good will of the initial 3 and 12 cars that arrived in two separate updates at the end of last year, with this further ten incoming taking us to the half-way point of that goal.

What cars are coming this time?

Just like before, a number of the vehicles to be included are player favourites, with some that were staunchly missed from the very beginning. This, along with other factors, gave the game a somewhat slow start, but recently they have been turning GT Sport into a must have title for racing fans on PlayStation 4.

The tweet itself also included an image with silhouettes of the cars slightly distorted. And even though they’re like that, we can somewhat confidently identify a fair few of them such as the: Ferrari 330 P4, Jaguar XJ-13, Ford GT40, Dodge Viper, Lamborghini Diablo, …and a Toyota Supra.

Now this is a damn fine selection of cars.

That last one is surprising, especially when you consider that Toyota road cars have been missing from all the main racing games. (has GT Sport got exclusivity???)

Speculations at those that remain are out there and you can make up your own minds and hazard a guess at them if you want. (I’m thinking like others that the third from left in row 2 is the McLaren F1)

We don’t know the day of next week the update will land, but at least it isn’t going to be too long a wait.

Image credit: Wikimedia

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