GT Sport’s January Update Brings 10 Amazing Cars And The Monza Circuit To Players


GT Sport Receives Ten Awesome Cars And Monza!

The full details of the 10 cars that will be arriving in GT Sport in an update this week have been revealed, and so to has the surprise bundling in of the Monza racetrack with it!

And even though we sort of worked out the majority of the cars that were in the image posted on twitter by Kazunori Yamauchi last weekend, there were a few we either weren’t sure about or just didn’t know, but now with the trailer below and the accompanying stunning images, the complete list to come, and a look at their incredible in-game recreations, are available for us to behold. (that Diablo GT!!)

Avid fans of Gran Turismo will recognise that all of these are returning cars and have been in past releases, however, unlike some other games out there, Polyphony Digital will go to extraordinary levels when bringing the next generation of car models to their latest. And as annoying as it can be to hear about how long it takes to do this, the final result can not be dismissed.

GT Sport January Update DLC Cars

  • 2002 Dodge Viper GTS (N500)
  • 1967 Ferrari 330 P4 (Gr.X)
  • 1976 Ferrari 512BB (N400)
  • 2006 Ford GT (N600)
  • 1966 Jaguar XJ13 (Gr.X)
  • 2000 Lamborghini Diablo GT (N600)
  • 1994 McLaren F1 (N600)
  • 1967 Toyota 2000GT (N200)
  • 2014 Toyota FT-1 (N500)
  • 1997 Toyota Supra RZ (N300)

GT Sport Gets A New Track!

As if the selection of metal being delivered in this update, which is out today, wasn’t enough, there is also the inclusion of the Monza circuit in two configurations for players to test them out on. And with a number of these vehicles being able to hit some high speeds, Monza is as good a place as any to really see what sort of numbers they can put out!

A real fan favourite because of its high-speed nature and its somewhat easy to remember layout, the track is a lot more demanding than it looks. Many of us have no doubt come undone by not braking in time at the first chicane, or have put a wheel or two into the gravel and been dragged off at the final turn. It may be cliché, but Monza is most definitely one circuit that is ‘easy to learn, hard to master’.

Extra Layouts for Autodrome Lago Maggiore

There’s more racing lines to be learned in the way of three new additional layouts for the fictional Maggiore, with Centre, East and West in both regular and reverse versions being added.

Increase in ‘GT League’ Events

Four new events will also make their way into the single-player career mode of ‘GT League’, something fans will be delighted to see as the initial offerings have probably already been beaten several times by them.

  • Raptor Survival (Beginner League)
  • J-Sport Meeting (Amateur League)
  • La Festa Cavallino (Professional League)
  • Gr.3 Endurance Series (Endurance League)


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