Best Racing Games For PC 2018

Best Games for PC 2018

Who else is looking for the best racing games for PC? It’s not just one feature that matters: the genre’s not only about graphic rich and heart throbbing sounds, yes the two are definitely important, but it’s equally about dragging you into the action as if you’re actually there in the driver’s seat, eyes strained as the asphalt whips past at 240kph, we are talking about something as close to VR experience as possible. Right from a perfect gear shift timing to kicking out the back-end nitros for a sublime drift, a quality racing game just feels right.

Best Racing Games for PC 2018

 We love to share our thoughts to our readers and here’s one for the pie today.

You’re probably thinking, “Wait! what about The Grand Prix Legends! Where’s Geoff Crammond?” When versions of those games released on Steam or GOG, we’ll probably be the first to play them again. So for those of you who are just looking to hop in and fire up the engine of a superb racer, whether that’s an intricate sim or an arcade thriller, we’ve got the best racing games for PC for you.

These are the best racing games for PC:

So that’s just the list, right? Yeah we are going to share our review on each of the above Games in our upcoming posts. We would love to hear your thoughts on this and you can share them via the comment section below.

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