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Reports: Apple to purchase McLaren Technology Group?

The Financial Times is running a story today stating that Apple has approached McLaren Technology Group with the intention of acquiring the luxury automobile manufacturer. The british marque is renown for its high tech patents and engineering practices, and is a highly reputed name in the automotive sector. What would a possible takeover mean for both McLaren and the Apple Car project?

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Car designers: Are they too lazy?

Car designers are frequently criticised for lacking imagination, and with Mercedes, Audi and Jaguar repeatedly unveiling cars that look almost identical to other cars in the range the complaints are seemingly justified. The issue lies with the attitude that this lack of design flair is a recent problem. Do you agree?


CRC Speedshow 2013

Impressions and many many photos from the 2013 CRC Speedshow in New Zealand where there was something for everyone no matter what their interests.