Check Out These Momentous Scenes From Racing Games Recreated In Forza Horizon 3

Race Game History in Forza Horizon 3

A clever and creative person has been having some fun in recreating scenes from many iconic racing games within Forza Horizon 3.

Found on the Forza reddit, user EYui shared their imgur link that shows off many scenes that you probably wouldn’t even need the superimposed logos to identify. Well except for you young eggs of course but even you are represented with examples from the original NFS Most Wanted, Burnout 3 and more.

It’s only natural that we would be massive fans of the Test Drive Unlimited example but there are so many more that make me personally smile, because of the feelings and memories that they draw up.


The iconic yellow Diablo SV that screams NFS III Hot Pursuit; the awesome jumping Crazy Taxi; the leaping Focus of Colin McRae; the getting severe angle Outrun Ferrari; the exceptional Castrol Supra in GT3 A-spec which is still in fact one of my favourite ever cars seen in a game; and finally the stunningly composed shot of a wet race for PGR4.

There are more and naturally you will no doubt differ in your picks from myself, but that’s the great thing about all of these images. There is something for everyone and with the way they have been captured – don’t be surprised if they stir up some fantastic memories in you too.

[via Forza reddit]

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