Ubisoft Are Giving All The Free Ubi30 Giveaway Games Away This Weekend!!

Ubisoft Special Weekend = 7 FREE Games

Ubisoft must really enjoy being 30 years old as they have just put on an impressive SPECIAL WEEKEND giveaway offer for a very LIMITED time, where you can get yourself 7 games for FREE!!

Kicking off back in June, Ubisoft generously gave away a free PC game every month as part of their Ubi30 celebrations, and now if you missed out on any they are very kindly giving everyone a chance to acquire the whole set over the next few days.

And we’re not talking bottom of the biscuit barrel offerings here either. Oh no, not at all. Included within this selection is The Crew, Assassins Creed III, Beyond Good & Evil and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. Top titles in their respective genres and the other three aren’t horrible either.

The Crew was available from back in mid-September, an offer many of our visitors seemed especially interested in for obvious reasons.

What hoops and soul giving do you need to do in order to be able to take advantage of this I hear you ask. None really, just sign in with your Uplay account at the Ubisoft Club website between December 15th -18th, accept the terms and that’s it!

There is plenty to play here and the amount of hours that will be provided from all of it makes it well worth the few minutes it will take to set up an account if you don’t already have one. Unless you’re one of those who deems clients like Uplay and Origin the devil’s spawn, there’s no reason not to get involved.

So go get them now!

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